Rendezvous with destiny

This is for you,
for you who have come here
seeking something deeper
than eyes can perceive
waiting for your turn
to be touched
by the Powerful
through human hands
wanting to witness
this if for all of us,
we who have come
from different walks
of believing,
different stages of joy
and pain,
have gathered here
clutching at our
semi-borrowed strength
and left our doubts
by the door
to receive sweet relief
because people, love
and of all its humanness
can only bring us so far
but for a heart
stripped bare and
shrouded only in faith
nothing is impossible,
nothing is beyond
hoping for.

// amina


untitled x104

Your dreams, my dear, are running free

soaring high to the vastness of the skies

still, the earth claims you as its own

even the tropic sun whose colors are

written the consequences

of your deepest passions

examine your fears


to the  rhythm of your heartbeat

for the magnetic magic of the moon

and the whispered majesty of the night

is coveted by your peace

tomorrow you shall reach the end

of the tunnel,

the last stop the train has to pass through,

and these trees are

watching over you

and through their slender

fingers, the shining stars

infuse you with divine energy while

your warriorheart dances in transcendence

of your consciousness

take this road,

this train,

and let the journey occupy you,

with life’s blessings,

to the burning core

to the awakening flesh

of your inner immortal

until you understand that

this journey is your life,

your purpose

and it doesn’t end

at the last stop


and later when you go home,

bones worn,

soul pure

a different home will be awaiting you

one that you can carry

east and west,

one you never have to

leave behind again.


// amina


Beautiful Chaos

I understand why it all lay in ruins now,

maybe you were a bit too beautiful

for your own good


when you spoke it were as if they held

wonders in their hands and God knows

how long they have fought to protect it

to witness your every spoken word

for you have sought to cast a reflection of divinity

in the way you choose to spend your borrowed time

never a word unnecessary spoken

never a crooked smile

of hatred shared

they loved you

and one day, you came undone

in their hands without meaning to

without warning

the pieces of them

fell through your fingers

and you never understood

why you kept on bleeding


but keep your masks on, beautiful

for only the few master the artistry

of breaking apart yet reconstruct

into beautiful chaos.


// amina


A Night With Full Moon

I wonder how it felt like,

when your inner dimensions of holiness

matched the destiny

stretching you bare,


leaving you with nothing besides

what was written

I wonder how it felt like,

to rise from earthly grounds

only to be welcomed by angels

showering you in immense love

confessing, we are in the presence of as-Sadiqqah

I wonder,


if your character made the angels shy

for only righteousness humbles itself in the face of beautiful


that moment when you walked between the gardens

of the seventh heaven

which shames every earthly Eden

that is only recomposed by beauty in wordly terms

I wonder if you thought,

if this is forever

then give me forever,

so we can speak love to celebrate prophecies,

and anybody who happens to look

would see us moving to universally perceived melody

of serenity and meaning

it does not get dark here,

even if it did,

our inner fire would embrace it back

while we smile at full moonlight


I wonder how it felt like,

having God as witness

for that enchanting moment,

and I wonder,

when you both descended

if you were reborn,

safe at love,

decades again

And God said, “Zawajnaaka haa”

“We married her to you (O Muhammad)” (33:37)

*enshrining the wedding of Nabiyuna Muhammad (SCW)

and Zaynab bint Jahsh (RA)*

// amina


To Teach The Universe

Everything I see is fashioned

after some concrete ideals

we love

in order to teach

the dark expanded universe

to make room

for all the beauty we can make


you said, I still have

so much to learn,

so many battles to fight,

so many ghosts to banish


I found you with

half your demons dead

at your feet,

the other half

still have you surrounded

in different disguises

and in the midst of

knowing, and fighting,

and trying to understand,

to know what you cannot know,

or fight, or understand

and in that big mess

I saw something about you

that that made all your ghosts disappear,

and suddenly there was only room

for the beauty you had made


for I’ve seen beneath your beautiful

only to find beauty much more.


// amina


Thousand And One Tales

The stars dive into

your eyes

that illuminate the gloom

like torches swallowing darkness

that tell a thousand and one tales

she is the silent sob trapped between her vocal cords and tongue

never daring to seep out of her lips

she is the torn skin on her knuckle for clenching her hands too hard

the world is the violent thunderstorm that leaves every bone in her body broken

a daughter born in war,

she forgot what peace sounds like

somewhere there is a mother

teaching hope

biting her lips

for the insecurities she have felt

I trace the words you deserve

and feel them soaking into your skin

before they perish and turn into


you are beautiful

in the very sense of the god-graced entity —  that is you.


// amina


Fragments of Life

I only ask of you, dear

don’t believe the lies they tell you

don’t believe the lovers,

whom under the eyes of God utter sacred vows

in for better and for worse

kissing the bride,

enshrining love till death does apart

don’t believe the universal lies,


when you die

the spaces of life once where

healing wounds lets you dwell

in a dark place, alone, while your soul cries in solitude

of loneliness

for when death meets life

you are never alone

forever starts from the moment we die

you are,

forever carried in the hearts and minds of the beloved,

forever in forms of story, poetry or art

forever trapped in old, old photographs.


// amina


The Stranger

See in me my faults, she said.
if you ever need to remind yourself
of me, the stranger I am to myself and I
will only leave you with this
see in me my faults, for I am but mute in the language
to say what you know lies in my heart.
preach to me preacher
for the godless sinner speaks my pain
preach to me preacher
for I feel lonely
in the midst of our people
God’s word cuts deep
remind me of who I am
the stranger
preach to me, preacher
and let me be hewn asunder.

// amina